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Introvert Bloggers! Let Us Unite!

I have never been the type of person who enjoys the spotlight or large groups of people. I thrive on my alone time. I need time to myself to think and feel and relax and recharge. Being around people drains my energy. I have severe anxiety and have a very difficult time expressing myself without looking and sounding like a bucket of nerves. I often feel like everything out of my mouth sounds idiotic, so I’d rather not say anything at all. I’d much prefer to sit at home and read a book than go out to a bar and have drinks with friends. I’d much rather cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie than go to a theater and watch it with a million strangers. Long story short, I’m an introvert, and that’s okay.

Many people believe that introversion is about being antisocial, and that’s really a misperception. Because actually, it’s just that introverts are differently social. So they would prefer to have a glass of wine with a close friend as opposed to going to a loud party full of strangers.

– Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

I found this post about a month ago, and it was like a breath of fresh air. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone in feeling the way that I do. I decided to write my own list about what being an introvert means to me, and post it here, in an effort to debunk the misconceptions of my introversion.

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  • Just because I’m an introvert doesn’t mean… that I’m stuck up or bitchy. I’m socially awkward and always anxious – I’m not trying to be rude, I just don’t know how to handle myself in groups of people, so I tend to hide off in a spare room by myself.
  • Just because I’m an introvert doesn’t mean…that I’m uneducated. On the contrary, I’m quite intelligent. I just don’t feel the need to assert my intelligence or spout off at the mouth with every thought that crosses my mind.
  • Just because I’m an introvert doesn’t mean…that I’m a mute. I have actually been mistaken for a mute on several occasions, which always makes me laugh. I am definitely shy at first, but once I get to know someone, I’m actually quite outspoken. I don’t just talk to hear myself talk, though…
  • Just because I’m an introvert doesn’t mean…that I don’t have opinions. This is the biggest misconception! I’m actually quite opinionated, but my opinions aren’t usually “the norm” so I tend to keep them to myself unless you’re a close friend.
  • Just because I’m an introvert doesn’t mean…that I don’t have friends. I don’t have many friends, but that’s because I have a really hard time dealing with stupidity and I have deep set trust issues from a life of being fucked over. The friends I do have mean the world to me; they’re some of the best people I’ve ever known.
  • Just because I’m an introvert doesn’t mean…that I’m no fun. I’m not the type of person who finds clubbing and bar hopping fun. Again, I’m socially awkward. Groups of people just aren’t my thing. I do, however, like to have fun – in my own way. I’ve got quite a macabre sense of humor, but I love to make people laugh if they can get on my level. 🙂
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5 Responses to Introvert Bloggers! Let Us Unite!

  1. Wow! Those are some crazy misconceptions. I never would have thought people would think you are not opinionated or are mute. That is ridiculous and those people need to grow up, seriously.

    I think I have some introversion but it isn’t full blown. Maybe I am just socially awkward I don’t know lol

  2. I’m very much an introvert and at times it can be hard. I even have a page on my blog that I found on a website (source listed at the end)

    Being an introvert can be hard at times, because people do think that we are loners or super shy when in fact that’s not the case… we just choose who to open up to a little more differently. 🙂

  3. While I am an introvert, there is one way I enjoy a spotlight. Singing! I used to do any Solo I could get back in my school days in choir, and I love to go do Karaoke. Granted I’m always nervous, I love being able to sing and not feeling like the only place I am ‘allowed’ to do so is hidden away by myself.

    I have severe social anxiety but still can manage to go into a bar to do Karaoke. Granted I think the biggest thing with that is most people are drunk, and bars tend to be dim-lit!

  4. I love to sing, but not in front of people. Only my daughter, heh.
    I’ve done karaoke twice, under the influence of liquid courage, and it was still terrifying.

    I’m glad you’re able to find such an outlet, though. That’s fabulous. 🙂

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